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Parents crave for the best for their children, the top quality and best design




Consumers want good quality products, but parents are no ordinary consumers. Parents crave for the best for their children, the top quality and best design – from childcare products to toys – everything to do with their children’s future.

With Laboratoires Pourquery, you guarantee your consumer confidence and satisfaction in your childcare products.

Services available:

  • Compliance assessment
  • Marking review
  • On-site product inspection
  • Random sample picking
  • Pre-shipment product safety checks
  • Be a responsible and reliable supplier, perform relevant controls throughout the production process and get recognised compliance certificates for your childcare products and toys.


EN 716-1 & EN 716-2 Children’s cots and folding cots
EN 71-2 & FD S 54-080 Flammability
EN 71-3 Chemical tests to heavy metals
EN 1130 Cribs, bedside sleepers
EN 1466 Carry cots and stands
EN 12790 Reclined cradles for babies
EN 12227 Playpens
EN 12221-1 & EN 12221-2 Changing units
EN 14988-1 & EN 14988-2 Children’s high chairs
EN 1272 Table mounted chairs
EN 1273 Baby walking frames, walkers
EN 1888 Push-chairs, strollers, prams
EN 1930 Safety barriers and gates
EN 16120 Booster seats
EN 16232 Infant swings
EN 16780 Cot bumpers
NF S 54-043 Rainproof covers for strollers
NF S 54-042 Bath thermometers
BS 7972 Children’s bed guards
EN ISO 6941 Flammability - Burning behaviour
Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens
EN 13209-1 & EN 13209-2 Baby carriers
CEN/TR 16512 Guidelines for the safety of children's slings
NF S54-045 Children Berths for non-domestic use
EN 14372 Child use and care articles - Cutlery and feeding utensils
ISO 105-B02 Colour fastness to light
ISO 105-X12 Colour fastness to rubbing
ISO 105-E01 Colour fastness to water
ISO 105-E04 Colour fastness to perspiration
EN ISO 14184-1 Formaldehydes
REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Total Cadmium
Annex XVII - Entry 23
REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Azo dyes
Annex XVII - Entry 43
REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Phthalates
Annex XVII - Entries 51 & 52
EN 16890 Mattresses for baby cots and cribs
EN 14350-1 & EN 14350-2 Feeding bottles & baby drinking cups
EN 16781 Children’s sleeping bags
EN 17022 Bathing aids
EN 17072 Children Bathtub