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Show your difference with others by choosing higher grade customized tests specifically adapted to your bicycles, and get your own certificates.




Any product imported to the European Union shall be safe for users. European standard qualification is an important step and helps you to be sure your bicycles achieve the required safety level.

Through the entire production process we assist you to ensure the highest safety grade in your products, complete bikes and single components:

  • Frame
  • Wheels
  • Handlebar
  • Fork
  • Pedals & Crankset
  • Saddle & Seat Pillar
  • Bicycle Braking Performances

Services available

  • Prototype conformity
  • Qualification
  • Random picking
  • Controls during production
  • Control before shipment


EN 14764 City/folding bikes
EN 14765 Bicycles for young children
EN 14766 Mountain bicycles
EN 14781 Racing bicycles
EN 16054 BMX
ISO 4210-2 Cycles - Safety requirements for bicycles
Requirements for city and trekking, young adult, mountain and racing bicycles
ISO 4210-3 Safety requirements for bicycles
Common test methods
ISO 4210-4 Safety requirements for bicycles
Braking test methods
ISO 4210-5 Safety requirements for bicycles
Steering test methods
ISO 4210-6 Safety requirements for bicycles
Frame and fork test methods
ISO 4210-7 Safety requirements for bicycles
Wheels and rims test methods
ISO 4210-8 Safety requirements for bicycles
Pedal and drive system test methods
ISO 4210-9 Safety requirements for bicycles
Saddles and seat-post test methods
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