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Laboratoires Pourquery - HONG KONG

Laboratoires Pourquery HK

A safety gate to ensure the quality of your products.

Who are we ?


We are a private independent company carrying out safety tests and control activities on consumer goods in France, Europe and Asia. We act as an essential interface between production and exportation, concerning safety requirements (in the light of existing official regulations) and that of quality control (regarding the end user). Our services range from prototype qualification to final control of goods prior to shipping.



Laboratoires Pourquery was founded in 1920 by Pierre Pourquery, initially for testing and analysing precious metals. Since then, the company has kept expanding to cover more specialised areas of testing. Over the past years, we have passed a wide range of accreditations and have obtained several major European and French Notifications (Low Voltage Directive, Toy Safety Directive, French Decree for Childcare Articles, French Decree for Bicycles,…). Laboratoires Pourquery remains constantly involved in the development of Safety Standards in France. Our experts are also actively participating in standardization process within Europe.

Laboratoires Pourquery (HK) Ltd. was founded in 1995 to respond locally to the needs of our European and Asian customers.
As a third-party Safety Testing Laboratory, our expert teams in Europe and Asia provide our customers with a meticulous and impartial product evaluation.

Recognition and policy


Laboratoires Pourquery (HK) Limited is accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by HOKLAS.
Accreditation program

Quality: We certify that our tests are carried out in respect of the last standards and decrees. Each update of standards is instantaneously taken into account by our labs.

Reactivity: We know that your time is precious, that is why one of our main focuses is to reduce testing turnaround time.

Transparency: For any questions, we ensure you a direct access to our technical experts at any time throughout the entire testing process.

Confidentiality: Laboratoires Pourquery takes a great care to keep its customers’ name, products and tests results strictly confidential.